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  • The Center of Advanced Elastomer Materials (CAEM) of Beijing University of Chemical Technology was founded in 1975. It is based on the Department of Materials Processing Engineering and the National Key Discipline of Materials Science, and is affiliated to the School of Materials Science and Engineering. It is the “Key Laboratory of New Polymer Materials Preparation and Forming Processing” in Beijing and the “Key Laboratory of Carbon Fiber and Functional Polymer Materials” of the Ministry of Education, the “Key Laboratory of Nanomaterial Preparation and Applied Science” and the “Efficient Utilization of Chemical Resources”. An important part of the Elastomer Center is the Education Minister Jiang Scholar Innovation Team and the National Defense New Materials Innovation Team. The center has a variety of advanced research and testing analytical instruments and equipment, and is one of the important research forces in the field of rubber science and engineering in China. It is also one of the important bases for the cultivation of high-level talents in this field.

  • There are 16 secondary institutions in the Henan Academy of Sciences system. There are 3 public welfare research institutions, 9 reformed scientific research institutions, and 4 state-owned wholly-owned enterprises. Henan Academy of Sciences has more than 1,260 employees and 1,150 professional and technical personnel, including 395 senior professional and technical personnel, 47 doctoral and master's tutors, and 5 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions from the state. There are 2 people, 1 Central Plains scholar, 9 provincial special research fellows, more than 70 government special experts, 28 provincial excellent experts, 2 provincial special allowance experts, and 25 provincial academic leaders. The hospital has built 59 innovative platforms. Among them, 8 provincial key laboratories, 18 provincial engineering technology (research) centers, 2 international joint laboratories, 5 academician workstations, and 3 innovative service platforms jointly established with relevant state ministries and commissions, provincial-level innovative technology There are 22 teams; there are 5 academic journals. Among them, Henan Science and Regional Research and Development are core journals; 1 post-doctoral research station is set up; 5 analytical testing and product quality supervision and inspection stations are available.

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  • The core concept of the company: "integrity, pragmatism, respect, coordination."

  • Corporate core values: loyalty, unity, innovation, and win-win.

  • Enterprise Vision: Strive to build Beihua into a leading enterprise at home and abroad.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit: unity of consensus, innovation and pragmatism, if you practice internal strength, technology and enterprise.


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  • · ISO18001职业管理体系认证
  • · 十大科技创新先进团队
  • · ISO18001职业管理体系认证


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